Inspired To Share A Coke

August 5, 2015

Maybe it was a miniature license plate, a cool plastic keychain or a coffee mug. Or it could have been an embroidered blanket or a necklace. Whatever it was that caught your eye, it possessed a very simple, but special, thing that is unique to you: your first name. Last year, that personalized item may have been a Coca-Cola bottle in your local grocery store, which encouraged you to “Share a Coke.”

The Share a Coke program came back in full force this summer with more names on bottles and different packaging options. One of those options, which we’ve been working closely with over the past few months, is the option to customize a glass Coca-Cola bottle with virtually any name on

The e-commerce option is a part of the campaign about which I was especially excited. Glass Coca-Cola bottles are a staple in my grandma’s fridge every Christmas, and it’s not rare to find them gracing the pages of fashion editorials or engagement photos for a fun retro vibe.

I’m far from the only person to have Coca-Cola as part of one of my family traditions, so when the new ordering option on started rolling out, we tapped into some pretty amazing lifestyle and wedding bloggers to help bring personalized glass Coke bottles to life.

The results? Beautiful. Partnering with these talented women and seeing their Share a Coke creations and inspiration has been a highlight of my summer projects, so I decided to share some of my favorite photos and ideas that came from this program.

If you’re tempted to buy your own (I totally did), just head to!